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Grandmaster Kang

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Positions held

  • 2008


    Australian Poomsae Head Coach

  • 2007


    National Poomse Coach, Australian Team contesting 2nd World Poomsae Championships, Korea (3 Bronze Medals from Individual events plus Bronze Medal in the Female Team 36+ event)

  • 2006


    Attended 2nd International Poomsae Referee Seminar for Coaches (Korea) 2006 National Poomse Coach, Australian Team contesting 1st World Poomsae Championships, Korea (1Silver Medal, 1 Bronze Medal, 5th place overall).

  • 2004


    Appointed International Poomsae Judge at 1st WTF International Poomsae Referee Seminar (Korea)

  • 1998-2002


    Technical Director, Taekwondo Australia NSW Inc

  • 1998-2005

    Head of the NSW Taekwondo Demonstration Team (90 persons)

  • 1998-2005


    Taekwondo Australia NSW Inc Committee Member

  • 1990-1997


    Chief of the Taekwondo Evaluation Committee, Korean Defence Ministry
    Author of the Taekwondo Demonstration Manual for Korean Army

  • 1986-1988


    Instructor of the Taekwondo Demonstration Team for the Opening Ceremony of the

    • 10th Asian Games
    • 24th Seoul Olympic Games (appointed Chief of the National Korean Demonstration Team)

    Organised and instructed the National Taekwondo Demonstration Team 50 VIP demonstrations

  • 1974-90


    Instructor of the Taekwondo Demonstration Team for 26th 42nd Korean Army Day Event

Honorary Awards


From the Minister
of National Defence


From the Prime Minister
of South Korea


the Olympic Committee


From the President
of South Korea